Exceeding Expectations

Licensed in multiple states, Large Services is a general contractor specializing in facility maintenance services in a wide range of areas throughout the USA. Our goals to meet & exceed our client’s expectations for safety, quality, schedule, budget, and compliance are always at the forefront. The craftsmen on your project arrive with the goal of client satisfaction in mind while our office staff are ever mindful of the need to keep you informed of the latest project developments, and are experienced with multiple platforms of information sharing allowing us to use the latest technology to keep you well informed about all of your projects.

Large Services, LLC

Handling Projects large & Small

While we do provide the services to maintain the most basic requests to repair the floors, walls, and ceilings of your facility, we can also maintain many of the exterior aspects of your site such as masonry, pavement, fencing, bollards and traffic signs, along with exterior painting and the removal of exterior coatings as needed. If you have a need not listed here, feel free to reach out for a more comprehensive list of our services.