Building Repairs

A well maintained building envelope will ensure many years of low cost ownership. We perform repairs to interior drywall, multiple types of ceilings, along with floors such as VCT, LVT, exposed concrete, epoxy, quarry and ceramic tiles on a daily basis for our clients, ensuring that the affected areas are safe and aesthetically pleasing for their associates and customers. Exterior repairs to keep out the weather and pests, along with maintaining brand image, are a regular component of the services we provide: including exterior masonry, metal buildings, EIFS/Stucco and painting. We pride ourselves in maintaining a safe work environment while completing these repairs as efficiently as possible, striving for a high quality finished product.

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Fence construction and Repair

The repair and construction of fencing has become a staple of many facilities programs. Our crews are knowledgeable and proficient at maintaining chain link, vinyl, wood, precast concrete, and ornamental metal fences and enclosures, along with the wind screen and privacy slats that are associated with them to ensure perimeters are maintained and areas secured as they were originally designed. We pride ourselves in constructing fences per specifications to perform as designed.

Pavement/Parking Lot Signage

Bollards and traffic signs are mandatory for a safe parking lot and we have crews set up to make this work easy and painless for our clients. Whether you are replacing a damaged pipe bollard that is protecting your building or other asset, or have traffic signs such as stop signs or handicap parking signs that have been hit or are missing, we are ready to replace/repair these efficiently, ensuring your parking lot is safe and compliant. Our crews stock most common parking lot signage to ensure fast efficient repairs many times on the first trip.

Large Services, LLC

Properly maintained asphalt and concrete not only provide a safe area for your customers and associates to enter and exit the facility, but the correct repairs can save cost. Whether you are overlaying, patching or replacing the existing pavements, or seal coating and crack filling them as part of a preventative maintenance program, we are ready to assist you. We provide these services with high quality repairs designed to last.

Paint/Coating Removal Services

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As America’s infrastructure and buildings age, our clients have shown an increasing need to remove paint and other coatings from their assets in order to restore them to their original condition. EPA compliant methods allow us to preserve the original design of your building or other assets and prep these surfaces using multiple methods to achieve the desired result.